5 Effective Ways To keep Chauffeurs From suing Limo Operators

5 Effective Ways To keep Chauffeurs From suing Limo Operators

A lawsuit can hamper the image of any limo company. Many limo operators have been sued by their chauffeurs due to lack of proper management. Unfortunately, many limo operators are not aware that such lawsuits can be prevented by following proper employment practices. Below are the 5 effective ways practiced by limo services in Brampton that can help avoid such lawsuits:

1.      Pay for Gap and Setup Time

This is one of the major issues that limo companies face. You should make sure that chauffeurs are paid between the times of pick up and drop off inclusive of gaps between the runs. In addition, you should also compensate your chauffeur for car washes and setup time.

2.     Use “Independent” Operators

An independent operator or a chauffeur owns or leases the car, carries his own insurance and gas expenses. These IOs file for lawsuits if they are forced to pay for company’s workmen compensation or other employee based fees which doesn’t imply to them.


3.     Document and Record

It’s important to document your employee files. In case, you terminate your chauffeur, a paper trail should support the dismissal procedures. Also, record all the calls made with chauffeur. When your chauffeur has an issue, attendant should be able to resolve the issue on recorded land line. If needed, your manager can review the disagreement.

4.     Don’t Retaliate

Even if you chauffeur files a labor board complaint against you, don’t strike back. If you do so, it will only open yourself to a serious retaliation claim.

5.      Use a Drive Cam

These cams are very important for acting as an evidence to avoid minor collisions turning into a personal injury lawsuit. They also create a record of reckless driving if any. In case any untoward incident occurs, download the video and record it in the chauffeur’s personal file.

Implement these rules strictly and prevent yourself from being sued.…

Concrete Contractors in London, Ontario

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Are You Carrying Enough Liability on Your Car Insurance

Are You Carrying Enough Liability on Your Car Insurance

Car owners are most likely to suffer from damages. Insurance is the only option that can help you in compensating their loss. As the recession survives, you might find it a bit hard to purchase the desired insurance for your vehicle. A simple and effective alternative that we offer is that
of cheap insurance. The best part about this type of insurance is that you can acquire it in no time. You no longer have to worry about the rising costs of premiums online. We offer a lot of insurance options that are cheap and very affordable. Log on to our website to choose from
diverse plans suitable to your automobile requirement.

We offer you with various auto insurance quotes from different regions. To get your quotation just enter the zip code in the box on the website and click on free quotes. While it’s important that you protect your cars from any kind of physical damage, it also helps when you get liability
coverage. We focus on providing the cheapest insurance quote for the vehicles you own. Once we generate these quotes for you, it will be easy for you to compare them and pick one that suits your needs. Once you like a plan, click on it and we’ll list down the number of companies
offering similar and more profitable plans to help you compare and make the right choice.

None of these quotes are charged for and are completely free. You can browse through more than 50 companies to find the best quotes in the market. Choosing a state minimum is not always a wise choice, when it comes to purchasing insurance. By doing so, you might end up never
getting the cover you want. With our cheap auto insurance service, you will get the exact cover that you want. It’s also very affordable, not just cheap. You will not just be saving on premiums but you will also save close to 60% on cheap auto insurance quotes, as all the quotes are
completely free.

We also recommend that you increase your liability. This ensures that you will be able to pull the insurance company to your side. There was a time when you would have to hunt for a good automobile insurance agent. Not anymore! Today you have all the possible information that you need to get the insurance that you need. Our cheap car insurance quotes are the perfect alternative if you are looking for insurance for more than one vehicle. With our help, you can have all your vehicles insured for the least amount of money. We guarantee that even after insuring all your vehicles you will still end up saving a lot of money.…

Getting the Most From Your Car Insurance Claim

Getting the Most From Your Car Insurance Claim

With so many vehicle accidents being reported today, it has become important for automobile owners to purchase auto insurance. It serves the purpose of protecting you when you meet with an accident. It is necessary for you to be careful when filing the claim, or else it can turn into a nightmare. Some of the insurance companies treat their customers fairly, whereas others take advantage of their vulnerability and manipulate the policies. In order to avoid the latter scenario, it is important that you be informed about the insurance policy and what to expect from insurance claim process. We have been in the business for some time now and our employees possess great deal of experience in offering assistance to customers with different complaints. We can assure that you will find no difficulty in filing the claim with us and will also get the dues in a timely manner.

Our company also offers cheap auto insurance which is easily affordable to our customers. The employees working here are all professionals and will offer you all the necessary assistance to know about car insurance. When you apply for the claim, we advise you to take pictures of the damage from as many angles as you can and also pictures of the other cars. You will also be required to take pictures of the surrounding area, including the street where the accident occurred. Documenting the event and producing them as proof will help our professionals to understand as to which party was at fault.

When people approach a company to claim cheap insurance, it is important for them to get several estimates for the repair of the damage caused to the car. Some of the companies will ask you to get an estimate from one of the affiliated body shops; you can get that and also make sure that you get other estimates as well. Getting an estimate will act as a liability. We guarantee to offer genuine replacement parts and not the manufactured ones or gray market parts. These genuine parts will offer the necessary protection and security which you need to drive your car safely. We also possess the database of over 50 companies that offer insurance to damaged vehicles. On our website, you will be able to learn which company offers cheap auto insurance quotes. We also help you to compare the prices offered by different companies and choose the one that gives out best benefits.

When it comes to dealing with the cheap car insurance claim, you have the advantage. If you have the right resources, you can get the insurance company to raise the amount of their settlement. The professionals in our company possess extensive experience and can help you to get the best deal out of your car insurance claim. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that you get best possible rates which will be beneficial for you as well as us. By opting for our services you will not be disappointed; we guarantee customer satisfaction.…

Are You Taking Advantage of Car Insurance Discounts

Are You Taking Advantage of Car Insurance Discounts

People often try to ignore the needs of insurance, due to the heavy premiums involved. However, many state laws declare insurance to be mandatory for car owners. The presence of an insurance cover acts as a deterrent against the vehicle being impounded and heavy fines incurred. Having car insurance would also protect car owners from any personal liability, in the case of an accident. Before buying insurance for a vehicle, it is absolutely necessary to compare the benefits and the amount of premium that various insurance companies offer for its customers.

It can be quite a task to find a suitable auto insurance as the market is flooded with several insurance companies that differ in terms of features and premium amounts. The prospective buyers need to identify an ideal insurance company that offers them tremendous benefits, like affordable premiums and friendlier terms. If you are looking for some help to find the best place to locate reliable and affordable auto insurance policies, then you have come to the right place.

Cheap Auto Insurance is the best place to find high quality insurance from across the market. We offer you a chance to compare quotes from the top insurance companies from the market online. You no longer need to spend hours comparing and analyzing insurance quotes. This can
be done within a matter of minutes, with a couple of clicks on our website.

Our cheap auto insurance quotes online help customers obtain the best and most suitable insurance policies online with ease. You no longer need to contact any agents or wait for days to get the required information. All of this information will be available to you under no charge and is completely free. With our help, you will be able to better informed decisions after a careful comparison of the quotes online.

We offer you a chance to save a great deal of money through affordable and cheap premiums on our insurance covers. Having cheap car insurance for automobiles can amount to tremendous amount of savings every year. Earlier, people had to find an insurance agent who would have quotes from very few insurance companies. The prospective buyers had no choice but to choose from the available ones. They also ended up paying high premiums for their car insurance.…

How to Tell if You Need Collision Coverage on Your Car

How to Tell if You Need Collision Coverage on Your Car

Pull out a copy of your most recent car insurance bill and go over it line by line. As you examine the various coverage types and what they cost, chances are good that collision coverage will be one of the most – if not the most – expensive items on the list. Collision coverage is designed to provide protection in the event of an accident that is your fault, and many drivers automatically assume that they cannot afford to be without this protection. But while collision coverage does provide important protection, each car owner needs to do a cost benefit analysis to determine if that protection is really worth the cost.

When You Do Need Collision Insurance Coverage

Let us start with a look at some situations in which collision coverage really is essential.  If your car is new, collision coverage provides important protection for a very valuable asset. Without that coverage in place you could be left with a loan payment, no car and no money to buy another one. Collision coverage is also essential if you have an older car with an outstanding loan. Again, without collision coverage on your vehicle, you may not have the money needed to pay off the loan. This would again leave you with lots of debt and no way to get to work.

Things Get Trickier

While it is certainly important to have collision coverage in place when your car is new, and while you have an outstanding car loan, the decision process becomes a bit trickier after that loan is paid off. If you are lucky enough to have a car that is completely paid for, it is important to take a look at its true market value and determine if collision coverage is still worthwhile.To get an idea of the value of your car, pick up a copy of Kelly Blue Book. This guide is routinely used by insurance companies to calculate the value of vehicles declared total losses, and chances are Kelly Blue Book is one of the resources your insurance company will use if your car is involved in an accident that renders it undriveable. Look your car up in the guide, make an honest assessment of its condition and its mileage, and use the value you see there as a guide. You can supplement the information found in Kelly Blue Book with other sources, like newspaper classified ads and the prices charged by your local lot, but it is best to err on the low end of the value range.If your analysis shows that the true market value of your car is less than $3000, it may be time to drop collision coverage on your car. But before you make the final decision it is important to review your itemized bill one more time to determine exactly what the coverage is costing you. It is also important to make sure you have enough financial resources in place to buy a good used car, or at least put a down payment on a new one, in the unlikely event your car is totaled in an accident. Unless you have at least some money put away in an emergency fund, dropping collision coverage can be a shortsighted move, even if it would otherwise be a good idea.Fortunately, you can use the money you save by dropping collision coverage to build on the emergency fund you already have in place. For instance, if your collision coverage is costing you $150 for a six month policy, dropping that coverage would save you $300 per year. If you have the fiscal discipline to funnel those savings into an emergency fund, you can insure yourself against the loss of your vehicle by continuing to put money aside each month. In the end each driver will need to make his or her own decision about the coverage he or she needs. No two situations are the same, and there are no hard and fast rules for when collision coverage no longer makes sense. While the $3000 car value is a good rule of thumb, it is just that – a rule of thumb. You will need to look at your own financial situation to determine if the potential value of collision coverage outweighs the added cost.…

Take a Defensive Driving Course in Canada and Save on Car Insurance

Take a Defensive Driving Course in Canada and Save on Car Insurance

Auto insurance and good driving skills are the two most important aspects that a car owner needs to have. You need to acquire best driving skills to get the best insurance. Well, it is an expensive affair to own a car. You will have to spend on various expenses, such as fuel, repairs
and maintenance. But there are ways in which you can optimize your expenses and in most cases reduce them. Get a best insurance that will help you to reduce on accident damages and get the coverage that you need.

We recommend that you take the defensive driver course and reduce your risk of getting into an accident. This course is aimed at helping you focus on real world driving. It teaches you all the necessary skills that you are supposed to know so that you can avoid getting into accidents. These skills are taught in driving schools today. So why take this course? Many of you might have learned driving a long time ago and the roads might hold new challenges for you. This course will not just help you brush up your skills but it will also help you deal with distraction that you are likely to see on the road.

On our website, you can find the list of driving schools that offer this course. The advantage of completing this course is that you will get a lot of discounts. You can also find a list of cheap insurance policies on our website. All you have to do is type your zip code. After you do this, you will be redirected to a section that will require you to give your car information. You can also add multiple cars in case you own more than one car. Cheap auto insurance is particularly beneficial if you own more cars.

We don’t provide insurance but we help locate the firms that offer car insurance and we do this free of charge. You can compare cheap auto insurance quotes on our website free of charge.
Just by comparing these quotes you will be able to get the best and affordable insurance that you have been looking for since long time. We leave no stone unturned to provide the best service to our clients. Our level of commitment towards providing you with the cheap car insurance of your choice is unmatched in the entire auto insurance business. However, we can also provide you with the tips you need so that you can maintain your vehicles efficiently and also ensure that you don’t end up overspending on automobile insurance.

This is a smart solution in this period of inflation. It also helps you to increase your liability.
You can use our service no matter how many cars you own. We provide you with the best of options and insurance coverage for your car.…